Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The One Where I Begin Blogging

So, this actually isnt my first blog. I began one several years ago that was to chronicle my animal rescuing excursions. But, like most of my paper and binding diaries, I didn't keep up with it and eventually lost it. Like, lost it, lost it. I can't remember the web address, couldn't figure out the password if my life depended on it. Good thing it doesn't!
I will, however, be keeping up with this one. First of all, if anyone notices (although I don't believe anyone will actually read this) I'm totally ripping off the titling of the FRIENDS series. Every episode, except the pilot, began like this: The one with... I think it will make it easier and less frightening for me to keep coming back here.
My purpose for this blog is to keep myself writing even on the days I don't feel like working on any of my works in progress. And believe me, there are several. I am also in query letter hades. I have a query letter...I think its terrible. I think it's holding me back, I also think I'm holding myself back. Right now I'm overwhelmingly frustrated and frustratingly overwhelmed. I'm reading books authored by clients of certain dream agents for research and to be able to personalize my craptastic query letter. I think this is really important. At the same time, I hate the idea of my manuscript just sitting around colleting dust when I keep reading middle grade stand alones are being sought after. (Whatever. I've read that a couple places.) I also know I need someone "in the know" to tell me if my query letter is terrible or just needs a little tweaking. Where is this person? In the midst of all this, about six or seven ideas for books come to me A DAY! I'm not talking small ideas here like a silly little junk mail postcard arriving in your mailbox proclaiming the wonder of cash advance companies. Oh no; I'm getting ideas that are delivered in enormous boxes complete with major and minor characters, settings, quirkiness, plot twists and turns, outlines for sequels...oy.
So what do I do first? This a total chicken/egg thing. (You know, which came first...)
Im other words, I'm attempting to begin a writing career...and probably going about it all wrong.
And this is where I'm going to gripe about it. :~]
Not really; since I don't think anyone will be dropping by, this will be more a writing exercise for me. And keep me accountable daily.
I also intend to document for posterity the fabulous books that I'm reading in my research. There have been some really terrific ones and honestly, not one bad one.
Which means the competition is fierce.
Game on.

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